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My Covid Story

ยท 3 min read
Chris Troutner

I caught covid recently. After feeling symptoms, I took at at-home test, which confirmed that I had the disease. I immediately started the I-MASK+ protocol for early treatment. I had planned ahead and had all the supplements, including doctor-prescribed Ivermectin, on-hand. My symptoms subsided after three days.

I have personally witnessed eight other people recover in similarly record time, using Ivermectin. There is so much propaganda that is confusing and scaring people, which is leading to suffering and death. The reason I've written this blog post is because I feel its important for people share their stories. There is a growing chorus of people who are ignoring the 'experts' and focusing instead on what is actually effective. That is the basis for FLCCC: doctors on the front lines of ICUs, discovering and using medications that are actually effective. No propaganda. No carefully-skewed lab-studies that fall apart in the real world.

Here is a breakdown of the other people that I have witnessed recover from Covid, using Ivermectin:

  • A friend of the family was at a biker convention in mid-2020. He and three friends got covid, and two of the four had developed pneumonia. They had no access to doctor-prescribed Ivermectin, so they ate the horse-paste out of desperation. They all recovered within a few days.

  • My father caught covid in late 2020. He had doctor-prescribed Ivermectin on-hand and immediately started on the I-MASK+ protocol. He was 65 and was eligible for monoclonal antibodies. He recovered in three days.

  • My friend and his wife in Venezuela caught covid. They suffered for two weeks before they were able to obtain Ivermectin. After taking it, they recovered in four days.

  • A friend I was with caught covid at the same time I did. He took the exact same regimine of suppliments I did, and he recovered in the same amount of time.

Any one of these cases could be considered a coincidence in isolation. But there is a very clear pattern: Ivermectin is an effective treatment against covid.

Doctor-prescribed ivermectin is not easy to get. Doctors are being persecuted, as well as pharmacies. Even if you can find a doctor to prescribe it, there is no guarantee you'll be able to find a pharmacy to fulfill it. FLCCC has a page to help people figure out how to get Ivermectin.

The government and pharmaceutical companies have mishandled the pandemic every step of the way. The only person that is going to save you, is you. Covid is an incredibly manageable disease. Early treatment is critical. Make your own health choices. Take control of you own health. Share you story with others. And if possible, try to obtain enough Ivermectin for yourself, plus a little extra to share with those you care about.